Our quality floor plan redraws offer you a professional draft to showcase your property to potential new buyer. We offer a simple alternative to architectural designs that can become expensive and time consuming.
Send us your hand drawn sketches using a photo taken with your ipad, iphone or other devices and upload them directly to us and we will send you back professionally designed have floor plans.
Why are floor plans so important in listing?
Surveys have shown that buyer consider floor plans to be more important than the main image or the summary description when they search for a home.
Floor plans are so crucial to the buyer that without them 1 in 5 buyers said they would ignore a listing completely if it didn’t have one and 1 in 10 buyers said they would never arrange to view a property if they had wet seen a floor plan.
Adding a professional floor plan to an online listing can increase its click through by up to 52% according to a research.